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 Posted: Sun Oct 28th, 2007 01:44 am
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In looking at the picture you have posted the deck looks like a BOTA version of the thoth deck.I wonder if it was meant to be colored in the same way.The Six of Cups doesn't look anything like the Thoth deck so I expect most of the simularitys are in the Major arcana.It appears Mr. Kay followed Crowleys Book of Thoth in the decks atributions and symbology.The Hanged Man mimics Thoth preety well including the leg crossing (R.W. their reversed) and the Ankh (in the Thoth it's upside down) but has added the "hanging tree" borrowed from the Golden Dawn.The "hanging tree" is shaped like the Hebrew letter Tav and alludes to the cube of space and to the inner center of the square where Tav and Mem reside.Mem is the Hebrew letter usually associated with this card.The Universe card looks simular to the Thoth except that the serpent is seperated from the dancer and is not wraped around her.The four Kerbuic creatures are their as well but their depicted in the R.W. style.What little I can see of the Fool card does look like it resembles Thoth deck.The art work in the Thoth deck has always amazed me and the images are really complex and it would be hard to create a deck from it meant to be colored in without loosing some of its compexity.That being said Jerry Kay seems to have done an admirable job in attempting it.Someday maybe I'll be lucky enough to acquire one.......MIKE

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