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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 09:06 pm
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skad1 wrote: I somehow am not ever part of the 'everyone knows' group.  Now that you mention European Crown is from Asia, it is familiar.  But that 'Lsspgladys', I really thought that had to be a typo!

I checked out the Sine Requie on, and the picture around it is pretty gruesome, are the cards as bad as they make it out?

I have already checked out the Touchstone Tarot.  I definitely missed that one somehow!

And now that you mention it, I did look at the Tarot de Camaque website.  I just need to email her since I don't understand French.

You have so many interesting decks!  :ok 


If you hang around enough on here, you will get into the 'Everyone knows' group soon enough :gi. Ok, so I spend too much time hanging on Aeclectic, Comparative Tarot and here... lol.

About the Tarocchi Sine Requie.. it is most definately not a deck for the week. But I actually find it pretty ok and not too gory or gruesome. It is kinda interesting. I don't like the Temperance card so much, I think it is a poor choice to show that one. But well, you do have to like or appreciate darker decks. Then again, I myself just can't bring myself to get the Wormweird, I just find it too creepy and decided I wasn't going to get it just for the collectors sake. And I also got rid of my Savage Tarot, because I just didn't like it. But anyway, I dont think the Sine Requie is that bad really.:qq

The Tarot de Camargue: I e-mailed the artist of the Tarot Camargue myself too, because I had no idea how to order it. I did use babelfish translator, so I mailed in French. But it turned out quite easy and I could just use PayPal. Not a cheap deck though, but very lovely.

And wow, I thought everyone knew about the Touchstone. It is such big news on Aeclectic. Glad to be of help there then. That is most definately one you don't want to miss. Although there will be a mass-market version next year by Kunati as well. But this one does come with all kinds of extra goodies.

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