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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 08:31 pm
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Yes, I most definately am acquainted with baby_dream, Beth Seilonen and Etsy. And so is my credit card :cl. Asian tarots are subcollection of mine anyway. Before I bought a lot from mau-e on Ebay, but since I got to know Baby_Dream... ah well...

I would gladly share some info. But what kind of info are you looking for exactly? Like.. what deck is it, info on the deck or where to get it.

Anyway, here is some info already.

The Tarocchi Maya is really the new Lo Scarabeo deck.. Tarot Maya. I just used the Italian title.

The European Crown Tarot is a deck by manga artists from Taiwan or China, I got it from Baby_Dream. I also got the Mi-Mi Tarot and the Lsspgladys tarot from her. I think those are both self-published and I seem to remember Adam posting them in his blog too.

Tarocchi Sine Requie.. yes, I succumed to the temptation of getting this creepy deck. I read about that deck on a thread on TCF and got it on the Italian Ebay.

Tarot de Camargue.. again, Blame Adam! :bl He posted that one some time ago on his blog and I only now got round to buying it. It is lovely though.

Touchstone Tarot.. ehhmm.. what do you want to know about that one? I thought everyone knew that it was published in a limited edition by Tarot connections (if you didn't, then you do now.. )

And the Tarot ng Pasalamat is a deck by our BlueToy Ly that he send as a thank-you for the help with his computer and all. It translates as the Tarot of Thanks, if I understood it correctly.

Anyway, if you need more info or different info, just let me know :kt

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