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 Posted: Tue Jun 21st, 2022 02:08 pm
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I'm lucky - I own a copy of her seminal work, The tarot cards painted by Bonifacio Bembo for the Visconti-Sforza family

But it isn't easily available except in potentially dicey sites. It's upward of $400 to buy.

I have asked for it to be added to the Open Library - which is a wonderful, totally legit, and free place. They just answered:

One way is by logging into (after creating an Internet Archive account) and adding the book to your "Want To Read" list. We try to consider books that are highly requested by our patrons when making decisions about which books to digitize. This does not guarantee a book will be added.

You can sign up to the archive here: and it's the work of moments to add the book to your want to read list.

If enough of us do that, maybe, just maybe....

Go on - you know you want to ! If you don't - please do it for everyone else who wants to read it !

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