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 Posted: Thu Aug 6th, 2020 06:38 am
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Hi, yes the D'Onofrio portfolio was part of my first personal collection- that is real gold used in the painting, according to Argeo from Alida who originally obtained it for me.

Yes, I can see how much has changed in fifteen years, it seems that newer collectors (such as those found on FB trading groups) are not even familiar with the classic 20th century decks shown in Kaplan, and will not pay much for them...yet will pay a thousand dollars for an indie deck that has been out of print for just a few months! I picked up a copy of the "Slow Holler" for 25 USD on eBay and resold it for 200 USD s few weeks later, to a buyer who had actually offered me more than 800 USD for it (which I have since learned is what many are willing to pay for it, but I just can't justify that kind of price for what it is)...yet when I offered them bargain prices on some of my older decks, they had no interest whatsoever.

Even so, I do like some of the new indie decks, and it is certainly easier to get the Japanese, Russian and Eastern European imports now.

This week I am focused on a new storage system (as opposed to the old storage system of 30 cardboard boxes in my closet) for my new smaller collection- two media stands, two night tables and a "cubby" from Overstock that my husband put together for me, and anything I can't make fit will be given to my daughter. So my new current collection will probably be relatively small, around 300 or so tarots.

So what happened to all the copies of the Venetian Historical? I had several copies pass through my hands in the past but now nothing...I would have expected the painted Elisabetta, the Maison de Je, the 22 card Leboroni etc to be much harder to replace, but it is only the Venetian Historical that remains elusive, despite having contacts in Italy search everywhere. I would pay/trade a LOT for another copy.

Thanks for your reply,

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