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 Posted: Wed Sep 25th, 2019 08:30 am
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Hi OnePotato,
Thanks for a perspective from a collector of finest quality tarot. I don't have much experience of that and look at your collection with admiration.

I agree, though, that (at the high quality end) some prices are much lower. I picked up the Tarocchi di Sigismondo for an amazing price, compared to the initial asking price.

Of course, I really want to know now about that linocut for 20 bucks!!

It isn't the shipping costs that are such a problem, but the import duties. An expensive deck from the US can then have 50% extra added to its price by the time it gets to me. Dutch tax duties are horribly high! Of course, if something like Bill's Tarot or Le Tarot Tournant ever came up, I'd buy them without hesitation :D

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