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 Posted: Fri Jul 26th, 2019 01:06 am
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Hi, all!

Does anyone happen to have an idea about how I could reach Adam McLean? I know he's on this forum but his last post was in April and I wasn't sure how regularly he checks this place.

I recently bought (tried to buy?!) the Tarot ng Daigdig sa Balintataw by Lynyrd-Jim Narciso from his website, and Paypal said my payment went through, but I never got any kind of acknowledgment from the website itself, or any kind of shipping information from Adam. I sent him an email to follow up, but I didn't get any response to that either, so I guess I'm just wondering how long I should wait, haha!

(Sorry if you read this and you are Adam McLean and you're just busy and behind on responding to things! I know how that goes! It's just an out-of-the-way website and I haven't used it before, and a rare deck that I wasn't even sure you still had!!)

Thanks all!

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