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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2019 06:29 pm
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Yes, they exist. I have seen several ones and had 2 at one time (sold one). They have the so called 'Blushing Fool' in there all the time. So it probably dates from 1972.

I got mine from Ebay too.

Btw, for anyone interested in the 'Blushing Fool'.

These can be found in:
Blue Tuckbox Rider
Traveller's Tarot
Blue box Rider, published together with Waddington

And also in a few yellow USG Games boxes. With or without Weiser on the box. I got one now that is a USGames box from 1971 (sunburned Magician on the front of the box) and with the Blushing Fool.

But it is still not sure if they were the first print. Or just one batch printed that they then just put in several different boxes, since they appear in both Rider and USGames boxes.

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