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 Posted: Sun Dec 9th, 2018 09:20 pm
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gregory wrote:
Around 2500.

I have two scanned cards from every deck in a printed catalogue. I have publication details, purchase info, price paid, description of box (if it is of any particular interest...) in the database. (I do not have that kind of cellphone, by the way. Mine does calls and texts, the end. I have a camera for photos, and a PC to go on line !)

I think I'm pretty well covered. If I'm not - I will live - and so will my daughter after I cease to live.

WOW Holy Smokes! :z what a herculean effort :z, my hats off to you!
You definitely have my respect.

yes you are definitely covered, my Lord, you're like a mini U.S. Games Systems. :ok

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