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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2018 03:35 pm
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I'm not sure how many people here are aware, so thought a thread would be wise.

Neil Lovell (of Malpertuis Designs, - Tyldwick and others) died suddenly in August. But as no-one else had access to his website etc, until his - brother, I think - can get the legalities sorted, there is nothing he can do about Neil's website, which is still accepting orders - he can't stop it; he has no legal right to do anything with it - and the site is charging through paypal, even though the orders cannot be filled.

If anyone has outstanding paid-for orders, they need to email, who will do his best to sort it. But people need to know that no order is likely to be filled. AFAIK there are no decks to be had.

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