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 Posted: Sat Sep 8th, 2018 09:12 am
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The Kickstarter Campaign to fund the print run of my reconstruction of the Topkapi deck of Mamluk cards is now online: . The campaign is about the "standard" edition of the deck, measuring 71x190 mm, printed on professional cardstock used for playing cards.

The luxurious and mainly hand-crafted "antique-style" edition (limited to 20 decks, 92x250 mm, printed on 3-layered art paper with traditional soap and wax surface treatment) is also open for preorders at: . Printing and delivery will take two months. Decks will be sold via Kartograme exclusively until all the 20 copies are gone (if ever).

The pledge for the standard edition at Kickstarter is 38 Euros plus Shipping (9 Euros worldwide). The preorder price for the antique-style edition is 265 Euros with a plain hardcover box and 295 Euros with a deluxe box. Shipping is free, I think, until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and will be 12 Euros from then on. The prices will otherwise stay the same.

Remaining decks from the standard edition print run will be sold from January next year, again at the same price as on Kickstarter. That means there is no point waiting 

More information on my website: .

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