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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2018 01:55 pm
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Do stay with T.C. though Reece...

The Chinese Pixie Tarot (my name for it) arrived this morning. The cards came out of the inner cellophane shrink wrap in a total muddle, almost as if they'd all shot out of the cutting machine and had to be gathered up from the floor. The Queen of Pentacles had been creased across one corner and straightened out again, but at less than £5 including postage from China I'm not complaining...

The little blackish book is in Chinese.

They have soft matte backs and very shiny laminate on the front that seems to be prismatic and at certain angles bounces rainbows and splashes of bright colour back, but if the light isn't at the right angle the light areas of the image look flat and metallic - rather as if they'd been printed on silver foil.

Size is 6cm x 11cm. IMO they shouldn't be described as holographic but prismatic. They're very very slippery - after sorting them out to make sure all were present and correct I ended up mixing them up in a pile on the table as they have a tendency to slip and fly from fingers that are less than expert at shuffling. I don't normally do reversals, but I cut for three cards and got... well it was accurate anyway... :)

Edited to add that some of the card backs are paler than others.

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