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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 06:03 pm
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Thank you. I absolutely loved working on it. The water was such a wonderful surprise. I never expected it to reflect the dolls. It is because it is water for trains, it consists of blue cardboard and a plastic overlay with structure. And the overlay causes the reflection and gives it depth. i had a similar effect on the Hierophant. The window actually reflects on the floor, thanks to the flash. Sometimes you can really get effects you never expect.

I used all kinds of things, sand, little stones, bigger rocks, cardboard, clay (for the tower), and even wallpaper. Funny thing, I mostly used the wallpaper for the floors. Even some of the wooden floors. You get very creative. Or at least I did.

Thank you for saying it is really special. I still have some copies for sale (posted in the trade section), although quite a lot of the collectors on here already got it. I am also very pleased with the printer. It is a Dutch printer who did a kind of print-on-demand. But they really delived quality. I tried Gamecrafter before that and it looked crap.

Oh, btw, if you look at the dolls. Some have different faces. That is because these are my own dolls and some have been customized (different hair, different faces). Oh, and I didn't create the Princess Leia and the Indian princess doll. Those were customized by someone else and I bought them.

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