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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 04:48 pm
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Yes, I did set up the little diorama's (tableaux) and then take pictures. Often about 40 or 50, sometimes with variations. And then pick out the best of them.

I used a lot of dollhouse stuff, as it is almost the same size. Not exactly, as the dolls are 6.5" and doll house stuff is 1:12. Some things I also made myself (like the medal on the 6 of wands, the Torah, the paint brush on the 8 of pentacles) and several others. I made most of the clothes myself. Some are actually made by others or are original doll clothes that were once sold (The dress from the Empress was made by someone else, the dresses on the Sun are original clothes).

Oh, and the backgrounds and the water. I made those too! I have a number of backgrounds. For some, with the blue sky (and for the Sun, 3 of Wands, 10 of cups and 10 of Swords) are pastel drawings I did especially for that purpose.
The water, and the grass too, are for trains. I glued them to the surface. Funny thing about the water, because of the flash, you actually see reflexions in the water. I didn't expect that, but it was a nice surprise and works so well!

I don't mind sharing my secrets. I have been working on it for months. Everytime finding a solution for how to make the card work. Like on the Tower, that one took some thinking of how to pull it off.

I actually used photoshop very little. Only to cut and crop and remove shadows that were created by the flash and that didn't fit.

The few cards I did photoshop are: Death (background), 4 and 9 of swords (swords on the wall), 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 10 of pentacles (the pentacles) and the Happy Squirrel (skelet bones under the tree) and the 7 of cups (different cups). All other items were actually in the diorama's.

Some things I found particulary funny to do. Like some of the glasses look to have wine in them. That is actually lemonade sirope in little doll house glasses :gi. The wands are branches I collected, the snow on the 5 of pentacles is cotton wool. Oh, and here and there I put in some little jokes. Like the little cats in the pictures. But als, next to the spinning wheel in the Wheel of Fortune, I put some balls of yarn. Just a little joke.

Anywa, I don't mind telling you my secrets. As you can tell. It is actually fun to share a bit about the creation process. I would be so happy whenever I had an idea and it worked out. It really made me jump with joy.

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