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 Posted: Sun Jun 10th, 2018 03:02 pm
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I am selling my self-published Pippa and the Pips Tarot. This deck has been made with fashion dolls from Palitoy, called Pippa. Hence the name. I am the creator of this deck and I have used my own dolls to make it.

In 2015 I made an earlier version of this deck, called the Pippa Tarot. So that is why I gave this one a different name. The original Pippa Tarot had pip cards instead of illustrated minors, more shadows on th cards and different extra cards. The majors and court cards have had the shadows removed for this new edition, which gives them a much cleaner look.

The Pippa and the Pips Tarot consists of 82 cards. There are 3 extra cards and a title card. The extra cards are: The Happy Squirrel, an extra Lovers card and a card called The Reader. The minors are illustrated. The deck mostly follows the Rider Waite tradition, but some cards deviate from this, as I had to find another solution or interpretation to make them work. I have only used female dolls for the deck, so it is really a girl power deck.
The court cards are based on the elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. This also returns in the Aces. The court cards are Page, Knight, Princess and Queen instead of the normal ones, since there are no males in this deck.

This deck is self-published, in a limited edition of 60 copies. Each copy is signed and numbered. The deck has been printed on thick, sturdy cardstock and laminated. The cards measure 14 by 9 cm (3.54 by 5.11 inch). The deck comes with a LWB, which I will send by e-mail in PDF format and can be printed out.

Once this edition is sold out, I will not reprint it.

Price for the deck is 30.00 Euro (or $36.00)
Shipping within Europe will be 9.80 Euro. Shipping Worldwide is $20.00
I take PayPal as Payment. If you are interested, just pm me.

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