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 Posted: Sat May 19th, 2018 04:46 pm
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The seller states in the listing that the coIours may not be exactly as in the pics due to differences in monitor displays, but it looks to me as if they could be reflections from coloured lights rather than an integral part pf the cards themselves. Notice how colour seems to be reflected from parts of what looks like the gold? panels/markings underneath the images as well as that strange green - is it a flare? - on the box. This is what I like about about the pics of the cards - not so much the backs or the lettering etc. So if the images are just a straight Pamela reprint/rip off without the weird colours I wouldn't be tempted. I rather hoped someone here might have one and could let me know.

Anyway, I sent the seller a question but got an automatic reply saying they were away for the weekend but would reply on Monday. Will post when I get a reply...

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