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 Posted: Tue Sep 12th, 2017 12:14 am
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I don't own the Tavern Games deck, so I don't speak from first hand experience.
However, my quick YouTube search this morning provided a hand full of reviews.
The consensus is that it's cheap and nasty, out of proportion and printed on flimsy paper.
People are even GIVING their copy away! :gi

So Kenji need not be too concerned by Tavern Games 2010 rip off, it seems.
But some-one, someday will use his scans to do it 'properly'.
And then there'll be that old moral dilemma...
To buy or not to buy - that will be the question!

I know this is a hot topic, but to my way of thinking, Kenji will own the original.
And everyone else will only ever own a copy.
Will the value of Kenji's original deck go down?
I very much doubt it.

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