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 Posted: Fri Mar 17th, 2017 11:35 pm
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gregory wrote:
Sadly Susun Weed's deck is not easily (if at all !) available; and I thought I heard that she had died a while ago now. But I can't find any proof of that, so I may have imagined it - or - well, you know the internet...!

There are two listed on a website of woman's decks as pamphlets:

1982 - Susun Weed, Transparent Tarot (self-published pamphlet)
1983 - Susun Weed, Goddesses of the Tarot (self-published pamphlet)

Kaplan shows a deck of hers called the Transparent Tarot, dated 1985, and she mentions it in one of her websites:

Susan Weed's not dead, I watch her on YouTube all the time. Here's a link to a video of hers making a comfrey infusion with her co-host and granddaughter Norma Jean.

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