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 Posted: Fri Oct 21st, 2016 09:55 am
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After a considerable delay, due to my moving house and also turning my energies to developing my alchemy website and my new Surrealism website, I have returned to selling some of my tarots.
I am initially going to sell these through my website, as this cuts costs to the buyer. It has also allowed me to develop a new way of showing each deck to potential purchasers using a video presentation. This enables the viewer to see the cards and the packing in which they are supplied.
I have begun with about forty French decks which you can see through these pages:-

Page 1 of sales pages using video presentations of the items:-

Page 2 of sales pages using video presentations of the items:-

I am also selling off three each of decks from the Art Tarot series which I published some years ago.
I still hold a few unsold copies in my personal collection. These are much sought after as they were published in editions of only 100, or 50 in the case of the later ones. Consequently they fetch high prices and are frustratingly difficult to find. Once these are gone - they are gone!
You can view and buy them see through this page:-

Out of print Art Tarot Decks for Sale:-

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