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 Posted: Sun May 8th, 2016 09:00 am
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It was on comparative. You and I battled it out (co-operatively) big time. We had more cards than anyone else. I loved that... :cl

Mine was printed around 1979 - it was bought used in 1983 in New York, where the store told me that was its approx. date - and the store was the long lamented Magickal Childe, so I believe them - and has 86 cards and 4 blanks. It was from before Susun Weed dropped out. Collated by Billie Potts.

"Deck omits all male archetypes. Mix of photographic and hand rendered images, and some cards are horizontal rather than vertical. Queen and companion replace king and queen; amazon and child replace knight and page. This deck is very similar to a later one, the New Amazon deck, created after Susun Weed had left the group.)

I wonder if we can find the photo database you and I both contributed to.

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