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 Posted: Sun Dec 13th, 2015 04:05 pm
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I sell Savage Tarot by MichelleX (1st Limited Edition) for 250 euros.

"This tarot will express the true world in which we live and it is, indeed, a macabre and savage place to exist." MichelleX.
The artist and designer of the dark Savage Tarot, MichelleX, wanted to create a modern and real Tarot. One that did not sugar-coat reality, or disappear into myth and fantasy; one that reflected the darker side of human existence, and was more relevant to our times than the traditional Tarot imagery dating back to the Middle Ages. In her own words:
"In my personal travels, I have seen the depths of the world which most often the collective society tends to ignore, pretending it doesn't exist. Through my art I attempt to exploit those depths, bringing them to the viewer's eye, make them confront what lurks in our living underworld. Inside every aspect of beauty we see, there is a filth underneath. It is that filth, the strange beauty and the bizarre that I've spent so many years of my life seeing to which I an relate when attempting to connect (on some level) with something that has become a spiritual tool."

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