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 Posted: Sun Dec 13th, 2015 04:01 pm
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I sell Baphomet tarot + signed book (Akron & H.R. Giger!) for 400 euros.
Tarot deck + book signed by Akron and H.R. Giger, famous for designing the Alien creature (German edition).
The cards are famous paintings that any admirer of Giger's work would recognize. The cards are over-sized and printed on card stock. The backs are decorated with a more two-dimensional image, single color over silver. Of course this is still in Giger's style which he calls Biomechanical.
The accompanying book, by the occultist Akron, is so full of insight, mostly of an uncomfortable nature, that it is worth reading alone even if one didn't like the artwork.
The book is signed by both Akron and Giger! A very hard to find item!!!

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