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 Posted: Sat Nov 7th, 2015 07:08 pm
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I was referred here by another member, I have a whole collection of tarot decks, some that are out of print, 1st editions etc that are up for sale.

This whole collection belonged to my mother who sadly past away and im now trying to sell and move this collection onto another person who would appreciate it.

I have taken photos of all the decks front and back so people can better identify the decks as I have no knowledge of tarot whatsoever but I have been getting help valuing these decks elsewhere.

Here are the photo's

I would rather sell the collection as a whole but would be happy to sell individually if I had no offers on the collection as a whole.

ATM I am just taking offers as I still don't have exact prices as im in the middle of valuing these decks. If anyone knows the value of any of these decks then any help would also be much appreciated.

The Alice tarot deck is still sealed and in the original shrink wrap.

If any more information is needed then just ask

Thanks, Chris

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