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 Posted: Sat Dec 6th, 2014 07:52 pm
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Thanks, folks .. I was just last week looking for information about which edition I have, and couldn't find any, and now this has appeared!

I have the same one as Gregory and Pathwalker, so I guess it's the 1979. I got mine used though, and it didn't have any info sheet with it.

Edited to add:
There are five blank cards... But it seems someone started doodling on one if them

Edited again to add: there are 86 cards, plus the blanks.

The following cards have two different versions:
Innocents (0/22), 6 lovers, 11 justice, 15 (one is called 'birth', the other is 'horned one', 19 sun, 3 of pentacles, 10 of pentacles, 5 of wands.

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