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 Posted: Sat Aug 16th, 2014 12:07 am
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Trzes, I can't tell you which one would be best. But some things to look into or consider:

Here in the Netherlands, they also have a cut-off at 50 euro (or 35 euro, I don't know anymore). But that amount includes the cost of shipping! So you should check if this is the case in Germany. I mean, if I buy a deck worth 30 euro and the shipping cost is 24 euro, I still go over and I still have to pay.

Over here it is also like a lottery, it depends on weather they pick it out. If they do, you get to pay another 12 euro on processing fees... grrr! :ww

I have noticed that if you own a postbox in the Netherlands, oversees packages are less likely to be stopped. They seem to think you are a company and they don't seem to be so strict with those. So I have a postbox. I still sometimes get charged, but a lot less.

Packages from Europe don't get charged. And from experience I know packages from Taiwan etc also seem to just get through easily. I have no idea why.

And it doesn't matter if you mark it gift either :sd

Anyway, as you can tell, I got plenty of issues with the customs here.. :ww:ee:ww

One thing to consider, if you are going to live in the UK, I would have them send to the UK. Because otherwise you may save some charges from the postal system, but you will have extra cost for having the packages send from Germany to the UK and that is also not cheap. Just a thought :bl

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