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 Posted: Fri Aug 15th, 2014 03:37 pm
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I once had to pay the 8 pounds for an item that had attracted 89 pence in VAT. I was NOT pleased.

On the other hand (I HOPE no-one in authority is watching) from time to time our postman - who gets well fed up - will just drop something with a PAY NOW sticker on it in our parcel bin. I have virtuously waited for a note from customs asking why I didn't pay - and I have never got one yet... (as you are supposed to pay on the spot, as far as I remember there is nothing on it to say where to send money if you didn't :cl Not that I would have followed up if there had been, as I think the Royal Mail charge is appallingly unreasonable.)

In the UK also - the limit for a GIFT is much higher (I forget what) and many sellers on Etsy etc will do that for you...

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