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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2014 11:14 am
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Thanks, Adam, for all the information.

I seems that the German Customs are easier to deal with, as they are quite predictable (once one has understood their system) .

Just in case anyone's interested, from my experiecnce the German customs behave like this:
- No customs fees for decks coming from so-called "developing countries" (Russia, China, Indonesia, Turkey included)
- No customs fees for anything worth less than 50 Euros
- Customs are very strict and bureaucratic about properly filled customs forms
- But addional information can be handed in directly to the customs office (in case the declaration is not complete or the invoice is missing)
- postal services don't charge extra (few exceptions are reported about some couriers)
- Parcels from the US are virtually always opened and checked

All in all that looks like the better deal.

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