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 Posted: Sun Aug 10th, 2014 03:08 pm
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I am about to stay in the UK most of the time for a year or so. And I can have tarot decks from outside Europe delivered either to the UK or to Germany.

What I have learned about UK customs so far is that customs fees only apply if the total amount to be paid would exceed 9 GBP. VAT is 20%, other fees only apply if the total value exceeds 135 GBP. That is you pay if the total value exceeds 45 GBP. I also read online that the Postal Services charge an extra fee for dealing with the customs on my behalf.

What I could not find out so far:
1. Does VAT apply to tarot cards at all or with a reduced rate? (they are a sort of printed items, but the list with types of goods online was quite amgiguous)
2. How much do the Postal Services charge?
3. What happens if the customs declaration hasn't been filled out properly by the sender? Can I hand in additional information? Do I deal with the customs authorities directly? Does the postal service charge even more in that case?

Does anyone who has some experience with UK customs know more? Thanks for any information!

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