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 Posted: Thu Jul 10th, 2014 11:31 pm
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OnePotato wrote:
Not sure when this deck was published.
Here is a photo of the cover of the book, so that you can compare it to the library entry:
Looks like "Editions Belaz" was the publisher.

Belaz was the name of his third wife (Yvonne BĂ©laz). According to his friend, the Italian occultist, astrologer, esoteric author & yogi Palamidessi: "A Doctor of Philosophy, Rolt-Wheeler was a symbolist of value and fecund master of esoterism, author of important works on the Kabbalah, numerology, occult cosmology, astrology, Esoteric Christianity , masonry, magic. He was born in London, December 16, 1876 at 7:30 am and died in Nice (France), where he lived, on August 21, 1960 at 10:30 am, as we were told by his wife and collaborator. Francis Rolt-Wheeler was educated in London, Dublin, Chicago and New York. We were honored by his friendship and we will never forget him for his qualities as an initiate and Anglican priest. He wrote in English and French. He ran for several years his review Astrosophy. He lived in his villa Adonais on the Avenue Cap de Croix, in Cimiez. Like ourselves, he published his writings in the form of handouts and volumes of books. He also devoted considerable study to the Tarot and Philosophies of India. He was a broad-minded man, a good builder of the Temple." (Archeosofia, Vol. II, p. 128).

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