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 Posted: Mon Jul 7th, 2014 02:43 pm
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OnePotato wrote:
Here is a NY Times article on Mr. Rolt-Wheeler, which places him in NY in 1915.
If the story is true, it seems he wasn't a very nice guy.

Possibly, but maybe she was an unstable person who was constantly threatening suicide and he just broke. Hard to judge without his side of the story, but on the face of it, hard to defend his actions as anything but cruel. It was a widely publicised scandal (as was his stint in prison, for refusal or inability to pay maintenance - after 3 months inside his debts were wiped clean) that ruined his career in America. He had achieved some success as a journalist and prolific writer of fiction for boys, and works of an educational nature, and offered government posts -- so it is difficult to believe he couldn't afford to pay, as he claimed. Not sure what happened to his wife after, but his daughter (and son?) was later raised by his sister, Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, who also contributed to his magazines (he also had a sister magazine in English, 'The Seer'):

She was a friend of W. B. Yeats and served as member of the committee of the Irish Literary Society in the 1890's which he co-founded in 1892. Here is one of her books online, that maybe of additional interest to some as it was illustrated by Austin O. Spare (his first commission as a book-plate designer and illustrator).

Behind the Veil, 1906:

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