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 Posted: Sun Jul 6th, 2014 02:08 am
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Kwaw wrote:

"The term 'Astrosophy' seems to have been invented by a certain Francis Rolt-Wheeler, who can be regarded as a great initiate.

The term 'Astrosophie' does not appear however to have originated with Rolt-Wheeler, The Universal Dictionary states:

f. ÉTYM. 1846; de 1. astro , et sophie. ❖ ♦ Didact. (sc.). Étude des astres dans le cadre des sciences occultes. || L astrosophie, science ésotérique. || Lois de l'astrosophie.

It appears in the Dictionnaire de la langue française, by Émile Littré (1872-1877):

ASTROSOPHIE (a-stro-so-fie) s. f.
Terme didactique. Connaissance des astres.


Termes grecs signifiant astre et doctrine.

Rudolf Steiner used the term in some of his lectures in 1924 -- it's possible Rolt-Wheeler got the term from him.

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