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Yes, the war situation probably is the reason for the decks virtual disappearance - while the situation in 1940 may not have been in immediate danger, being in unoccupied territory, nonetheless under the control of the Vichy government he probably faced the possibility of internment - one hopes that some of the many esoteric societies and associates he was connected with saved some material. A member of the Gnostic church he was particularly associated since his relocation to Nice with the neocatharsist movement.

"The term 'Astrosophy' seems to have been invented by a certain Francis Rolt-Wheeler, who can be regarded as a great initiate. He was also one of the twelve secret advisers of the papacy. I had with him a long epistolary relationship. He is now gone, but he left a series of books and a Review of hundreds of numbers at least, which is called 'Astrosophy'. He was the voice of the Astrological Institute he founded in Carthage. Also, he played a secret role, not in the course of the war, but in some representative events, about Montsegur.* He obviously tried to fathom the mysteries of the "Mount of the Sun", which is also the Mount of solemnity and universal security, the "rock" referred to in the Gospels.

"The main direction of Astrosophy, is the wisdom of the stars. It consists of several aspects which I will summarize in three figures. The first aspect is perfectly accurate dating of major global eras. For about two centuries, many have sought vigorously to know at what time the sun entered the sign of Aquarius. The response of Astrosophy is very accurate, and is based on irrefutable findings which I will elaborate further.

"The relationship between astrological ages, the numerological eras, the tarot and planets, are also part of Astrosophy.

"Finally, I will talk about the arrival of planetary archangels and also great odysseys of the soul before and after death. All these adventures are still part of the astrosophy.

"If you want, we'll start at the beginning, that is to say, the dating of the world's major eras."

end quote
François Brousse,** Paris Conference 1985.
(His lectures (1984–1990) touching on "astrosophy" (wisdom of the stars), a word formerly used by F. Rolt-Wheeler (1929) but to which François Brousse attributed deep importance as cycles or cosmic eras through which souls travel [L'astrosophie ou la science divine des étoiles, (Astrosophy or the Divine Science of the Stars) Ed. Dervy-Livres, Paris, 1989]. in May 1939 he published “Les Tours de la nuit” (The Night Towers) in L'Astrosophie, in which
he announced the fall of the facist dictatorships (this was four months before France and England went to war against Hitler).

*Montsegur is the key place in the modern mythology of the neocatharsists. Rolt-Wheeler was associated with Prosper Estieu's review 'Montségur', and Antonin Gadal with the 'Graal Pyrénéen, and co-founder on July 26th, 1937, with Maurice Magre , of the “Company of the Friends of Montségur and the Holy Grail”, which was banned in 1942 following German occupation.


François Brousse also wrote on Tarot, an online extract with tarot illustrations (24 Major Arcana) by Raphaël Brière here:

click on picture of card for larger picture plus text (in French).

His tarot is based upon what he learnt from American Yogini CAJZORAN ALI (Zorah):

Another revelation from the Yogini to the young poet was the Tarot of India and Egypt, a collection of twenty-four figurines or archetypes representing the twenty-four principle cycles, planets, religions, philosophies, methods and eternal masters in world history. “Poetic inspiration, dreams, madness and also fantasy, folklore, mythology and religion are reflections of these universal archetypes that we find in all peoples and that seem to have sprung up miraculously in perfect harmony, order and parallelism..."
wikipedia entry

(The two extra trumps were also included in LE TAROT ATLANTE, by Bernard Mirande.)

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