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 Posted: Sat Jul 5th, 2014 09:12 am
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The wonderful appearance of a surviving examples of the printed version of the
Tarot Medieval has led me to ask why more examples have not surfaced.

One could speculate that its publication was untimely, occurring in 1940 just as
France was invaded by the German forces. Nice, from where l'Astrosophie was
published, was in Vichy France, and one wonders if Rolt-Wheeler, being British,
had to flee the country. It appears that l'Astrosophie ceased publication until the
late 1940's. It could be that having printed copies of the tarot, Rolt-Wheeler was
not able to distribute these by post, and he may even have had to abandon his stock.
So although the tarot may have been printed in a substantial edition, it could
be that few copies survived the War.

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