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Thanks OP!

Tax stamp isn't that clear, but clear enough I think to see that it is the 'RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE DÉCRET DU 12 AVRIL 1890' that was in use between 1890 to 1917, and from 1922 to 1940 - so maybe came out at the same time as the book 1939?

Library description of book:


TITLE: THE TAROT MEDIEVAL. Illustrations Christian Loring.

LOCATION: PUBLISHER DATE: Cap-de-Croix, Nice : Editions Astrosophie, [1939] Reprinted from l'Astrosophy July 1935 to November 1939.

COLLATION not paginated.

FORMAT: 8vo (16x24cm).

BINDING: half-leather burgundy red in good condition a little rubbed on spine, back smooth gold title, author, irons and gilt, the plates are marbled.

ILLUSTRATIONS: very numerous plates of illustrations

CONDITION: Very cool nice condition, interior, without foxing.

F.Rolt-Wheeler also published a three volume work on tarot/cabbalah:

t. 1. Le Tarot ésotérique. Arcanes majeurs et Arcanes mineurs
t. 2. Les Sephiroth. L'Arbre de la connaissance
t. 3. Les mystèries. Les 32 voies de la sagesse.
Nice : Editions d'Astrosophie, (1936).

Which inspired Nice based artist Micheal Bellon's tarot (1980), which is dedicated to F.R-W:

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