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 Posted: Wed Jul 2nd, 2014 12:00 pm
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Although it is not easy to tell from the black and white printed images, which
though they have been printed on a fine surfaced art paper, the printer has
used a relatively coarse half tone screen, I have the impression that these
were small watercolour paintings rather than large works. In some areas,
particularly the skies, there appear to be the usual artefacts created by
washes of watercolour.

Also I noted that in two of the images The Sun and the World, some parts
of the image are presented against circular areas which appear to have a
certain reflectivity. I have seen this in other reproductions of paintings
to be gold leaf applied in the background.

These are merely my impressions of the art medium used. I may be wrong,
but it could mean we should be looking for a portfolio of small paintings
on paper rather than large scale framed gallery paintings.

Additionally, the borders around each painting are not part
of each painting itself, as these appear to be the same in
all the printed reproductions.

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