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 Posted: Tue Jul 1st, 2014 04:19 pm
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Kwaw wrote: As far as I know 'The Medieval Tarot' was never produced as a deck. But I think the paintings by Loring and text of Rolt-Wheeler were brought together in a book, c.1939 (?).

Does anyone here have any more information on the deck? Or even a copy of the book? If so would they be willing to share some scans of the deck? It is not public domain, so a selection (of trumps, courts and pips) within the limits for the purpose of review as per copy-right requirements.

It would be nice to have a record of this deck somewhere online (tarotpedia?). Also, while there is plenty of information on Francis Rolt-Wheeler to provide some background, there is next to nothing about the artist to be found on-line. Does anyone know more about the artist, Christian Loring?

Hullo Kwaw.

A few years ago I saw this presented as a deck. I bid on it at auction, but lost, so I don't have many details. I remember that it was a bit worn, and it's possible that it was home made, possibly cut from the book and mounted. I'm pretty sure that it was in color. It was very nice, and it struck me as surprising that it wasn't better known. At the time, I did a little homework, and couldn't find much more than you've posted here, and what's in Kaplan.

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