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 Posted: Fri Jun 27th, 2014 12:15 pm
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Ah - jeolous. Yes, if anyone wants to take a look at the trumps the magazine up to January, 1937 is available at the BnF (link at bottom of my first post). As the project started in July, 1935 you can at least see the trumps 1-18 (if only they were available for a few months more - at least we could have seen all the trumps!). Initially, for the trumps at least, it was one image with two pages of text per issue - did they increase the number of images per issue for the courts and/or pips? Could you share a few examples of the courts and pips with us? I thought at some point they were collated into a single book, but I not sure (whether in B/W or colour, again, don't know). I wonder where the paintings are and who currently has copyright - as I said, there is nothing online about the artist, bar a few links to some books he illustrated (one on the Graal, with text again by Francis Rolt-Wheeler). According to F.R-W. they were exhibited, or to be exhibited, at the Autumn Salon - so a catalogue may be available (Autumn Salon '34/'35?) which might give some idea as to how they looked in colour.

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