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 Posted: Fri Jun 27th, 2014 08:31 am
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As far as I know 'The Medieval Tarot' was never produced as a deck. But I think the paintings by Loring and text of Rolt-Wheeler were brought together in a book, c.1939 (?).

Does anyone here have any more information on the deck? Or even a copy of the book? If so would they be willing to share some scans of the deck? It is not public domain, so a selection (of trumps, courts and pips) within the limits for the purpose of review as per copy-right requirements.

It would be nice to have a record of this deck somewhere online (tarotpedia?). Also, while there is plenty of information on Francis Rolt-Wheeler to provide some background, there is next to nothing about the artist to be found on-line. Does anyone know more about the artist, Christian Loring?

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