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 Posted: Mon Jul 2nd, 2012 08:01 pm
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it's been one year since I started this "first edition", there have been 5 series of production, and the sixth (starting at XXVII) will be the last.
Sheets for six decks are printed, two of them are already sold and they still have to be assembled, smoothed and cut ; maybe the last batch will be of six decks, maybe only four, I'll know when it's finished !

At that time you'll also how many decks compose this first edition, but I can already confirm that it won't be more than 33 decks - 32 numbered decks and a special deck numbered "MAT".

This page : holds mostly (mostly accurate) informations about the first edition of those handmade decks (specifications, date of fabrication) for future reference - except of course for the sixth serie but the page will be updated then. I have some doubts about the paper specs for 3rd and 4th series though as at some point I switched some notes about papers - anyway all papers are of professional quality and from serious distributors.

As I'm writing this long message, I'd like also to remind to certain owners of those handmade decks that they can buy the "fac simile" (printed by the GameCrafter) at a special price, a special version which includes the discontinued "happy squirrel" (XXX ecvrevil) card (a very limited number of those cards was printed) - so if you want to get yours please contact me ASAP.

Also if you know people who don't read to this forum and bought a handmade version, please let them know about this message - although I send everyone an email.

Sorry about the long post !


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