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 Posted: Sun Dec 18th, 2011 08:49 pm
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The board software is not sufficiently flexible to allow me to appoint moderators to directly approve new members.

I have, however, thought of a solution.

I will open the board to new subscribers for a short period each month, a few days, then close it again. The 'Chinese' cyber-criminals may be lucky enough to find that short window of opportunity but they will be easy to deal with and be quickly unsubscribed from the site.

Anyone wishing to subscribe will have to do this during that window of opportunity.

It would be best if these days were not advertised in advance, i.e I did not merely open the forum on, say, the first two days of the month, but were to gather a list of potential subscribers then email them to tell them when to subscribe.

Would anyone be willing to act as a kind of membership secretary, and accept requests for new subscriptions ?

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