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 Posted: Fri Oct 21st, 2011 07:54 am
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Thanks to a timely heads up from a fellow collector who knows of my interest in the Belgian artist Charles Pry (known to most here for his Diableries Tarot and Les Simulachres de la Mort), I was able to win a previously unknown to me Pry playing card deck entitled Magie. Like many of the handmade decks Pry created over the years (typically xeroxed B&W with bits of hand coloring), it includes the traditional courts along with the ace and 6-10 of each suit, three jokers and a cover card.

The pip symbols for the suits are books for Diamonds, a trio of skulls for Clubs, a heart containing a bird for Hearts, and spades containing vaguely astrological symbols for Spades. In typical Pry style, on the six of each suit, the pips become sexual (or, at least, anatomical) in that silly way he has.

Additionally, the Kings and Queens of the major and minor suit pairs, if placed next to each other, form a combined picture (e.g., the Queen of diamonds and the Queen of clubs form one, as do the Kings of diamonds and clubs, and the same for the Kings and Queens of spades and hearts).

The card backs look like something from a 1950s formica countertop.

Altogether wonderful.

The title card, the Ace of Spades, one of the jokers and the card back:

Two pairs of courts:

The tens and sixes of Diamonds (books) and Hearts:

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