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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2011 12:06 pm
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I have been taken to task for not sorting out the avatar problem that a handful of users are experiencing.

Please understand that I rent the board software. I have no access to how it works.

As only two or three people are having such a problem, I have to assume it is not a system wide issue, but one arising from the individual's computer setup or the type of file they are trying to upload as an avatar. JPG files, do have a header structure in addition to the picture information. This can become corrupted in some way. I cannot sort out individual users problems which are related to their computer system or files.

Please note :

Avatars can be at most 128 pixels wide.
Avatar files cannot exceed 15000 bytes.

I do not know if the system can enlarge avatar files to fit, though I understand it can reduce them to fit.

Users experiencing a problem with a particular file should try using another avatar file. Avatar pictures from one bulletin board may not necessarily work on this system.

Adam McLean

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