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 Posted: Fri Jun 17th, 2011 04:30 pm
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I have both of these decks, in brand new condition, received as gifts...I tried to like them, I really did, but I would prefer tarot or a different type of oracle deck.

I opened them, they have been shuffled several times, but no readings, just occasional pulling out of single cards for inspiration.  Everything - cards, boxes, books, in 99.9% perfect shape.  (I only don't say 100% perfect because I've opened and shuffled them.) They've been kept stored in their boxes since opening.  I believe both decks were in the $15 to $18 price range each.  The artwork is beautiful!

Don't really have a wish list, just want tarot decks, in at least very good condition - but would consider certain other oracle decks too.  Let me know what you have, I will check it out and see if it is something I can use... maybe we can work something out! 

Here are the links for each deck:

I can also send you photos of the actual decks I have if you want to see the condition of them.


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