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 Posted: Fri May 6th, 2011 08:58 am
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well, what I found so far is that there are apparently 3 companies in UK (I dont know where you live) that have the technology to produce proper cards.

one is Richard Edward :
but they dont run for less than 500 decks

there is this as well but it seems quite expensive, I asked for a quote and to print twice 5 different games on poker size cards it would have cost me £360. So I guess this company is good if you have lot to print.

Finally ivory graphics can print as little as one deck
but the size is not flexible and a bit tiny (58x88mm).

Then there are companies in the US that are quite cheap but the shipping is outrageously expensive (about £200).

Somebody told me about a printer he knew that was really cheap, £3/deck with a minimum of 25 decks but I asked for the contact and haven't heard back yet.

I hope this helps

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