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 Posted: Thu Apr 21st, 2011 03:39 pm
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Hello - I'm new here; thought someone here might be able to help.

Way back in the late 1970s, shortly after I bought my first tarot deck, I bought an oracle deck that was supposed to have been based on a Chinese system.  It had a series of cards with short messages on them, and a smaller set of cards that were 'masks' - they had a window cut out of the card, and had a subject printed at the top, and a bit of some appropriate Chinese painting:  Romance, Money, Career...that sort of thing.  You shuffled the cards, selected a certain number based on Chinese astrology, winnowed the selected cards down in some manner I can't recall, put the appropriate mask over the card, and read the message.

That deck (along with most of my tarot collection) became an unfortunate casualty of a particularly vitriolic divorce.
  (vengeful ex-wife + box of matches = bad combo)       :f

Is anyone familiar with this deck?  I obviously haven't used it in years, so I can't remember exactly what it was called.  I've tried various web searches, but have come up empty.

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