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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2011 11:03 am
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Hi, LolitaP, I'm back having spent some more time with your images.

Some seem spot-on.  This made me want to look more carefully at all of them.  I can't make out some of the animals.  Either their essential feature isn't obvious  so I can't identify it, or it's too small or dark for my weak eyes.

The closest I've seen to this is the Bestiarium Azaz.

So, here's what I see.

The Fool:  Sheep/butterfly opposition works well; the sheep looks appropriately mindless, the butterfly wings are lovely and it's an easy image to look at.

Magician:  Visually difficult to resolve.  I see the snake, good; I understand the concept of magician as a sly fox, I want him to have a face and "hands."

High Priestess:  Ibis, yes.  Fish, I don't see why.

Empress:  Pig + Rabbit = fertility.  Pig might be better with teats.

Emperor: Eagle, yes.  Elephant--at first I thought Yes, but I keep getting hung up that elephants are matriarchal.  This is one image that I really don't like looking at; it's too visually disturbing.

Hierophant.  I see the dog, loyalty; I can't figure out what the other animal is.

Lovers:  I don't get this one, visually or conceptually.

Chariot:  How is the horse changed by substituting insect legs? 

Justice:  I can't identify the mammal.  I get the "saw" as sword-like, but I think there's something stronger.  Lots of myths have animal judges.

Hermit:  I can't make it out, beyond the fish tail. 

Wheel:  I like this a lot.  To me it's:  what will you be, the bug or the bird; the prey or the predator?

Strength:  Lion, yes.  The other animal I can't identify--is it a lizard?

Hanged Man:  As I said, these are not whale flukes.  You are thinking of Jonah in the Whale and the caterpillar becoming a butterfly?  But the caterpillar doesn't transform until it's spun a cocoon.

13.  A scarab?  Ok.  The toad, I don't follow.

Temperance.  I got the camel right away, a good choice.  The other animal I can't identify.  I find this disturbing to look at, like the Emperor--no bodies!

Devil:  Creepy, buggy, I don't know which two creepy animals these are.  I think there could be a more creative approach. 

Tower.  Is that a yak or other mountain-climbing animal?  I would see the fall, in that case.  I don't get the mouse's significance.

Star.  I like the way it looks; I don't understand either animal's symbolism, especially the cow.

The Moon.  This is a beauty.  A night owl and the octopus from the depths.  As a "bad dream" card, this one works much better than the devil, in my opinion.

The Sun.  A funny looking bird!  I don't know it, and I can't id the other parts.

Judgement--same problem for me.

The world--I like the concept of a snail with wings although I'm not sure how it is the World.

Seems to me you have three things going on here, as far as symbolism is concerned:  1.  Some symbols are "general knowledge about the animal itself " like the owl being a bird of the night  2.  Some are common metaphors, like the eagle as emperor and lion as strength  3.  Some are symbols you found on the cards, like the snake on the Magician. 

Hope this helps; good luck with your project!  I like your web site, too.

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