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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2011 09:20 am
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I cannot see how a mouse/goat hybrid in any way captures the essence of the tarot Tower.

If you want to create a tarot deck you cannot merely create images out of your imagination and then call them tarot archetypes. To begin you must to some extent immerse yourself in tarot imagery, look at many other tarot decks, read and study, as much as you are able, what the many people over the years have said about these images.

One cannot just make things up and call them tarot. To do so is mere solipsism, being shut up within ones own subjectivity.

What is necessary for the tarot artist is that they see the tarot as some established communal set of archetypal images, and then they build their own tarot on this basis and foundation, in their own style and medium. Otherwise it is not a tarot but merely a collection of 22 artworks.

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