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 Posted: Tue Apr 5th, 2011 10:20 am
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it's interesting that you feel that the associations are random, maybe the choice of animals is not always the most obvious. for example for the hanged-man I mixed a whale and a caterpillar in reference to the caterpillar that will soon become a butterfly and the whale as a reference to the myth of the whale womb (in which happens the painful transformation). Basically I took the core idea behind each card and expressed it through hybridised animals which I chose carefuly because of their symbolism. But I do acknowledge that some choices are a bit too obscure and therefore are a bit difficult to understand. (are there any arcanum/archetypes that you understand or does everything seem out of place?)

anyways, have a look at the following decks that express the idea of each arcanum without always using the traditional imagery (which is more or less what I am trying to achieve):

Thank you for your feedback, I take it into consideration.

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