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 Posted: Thu Dec 16th, 2010 09:58 am
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Here is a detail from the cloud on the left of the Fool.
I just cannot see how such fine lines could have been created in a relief printing method, such a lino cut. These appear more like pen drawn lines. They could have been created in an intaglio printing method such as engraving or etching, but these would not have worked well for the open areas of a single colour, which would have developed ink residues as the run was printed.

There are no half-tone screen dots in the printing so that rules out conventional colour lithography.

I suspect these were printed using commercial serigraphy or screen printing, with the original pen drawings transferred onto the screen using the usual light sensitive emulsion, but with the screens for the other colours, perhaps created using stencils or drawn on the screen using a masking agent.

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