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 Posted: Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 06:15 pm
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I just found my copy.

The tax stamp is a different image,  Mercury facing right, surrounded by RENO D'ITALIA PER L'ESTERO and dated 5 Feb 92; produced by A. Viassone & Compagnia + Torino; Fabbrica via Nizza 104 + Deposito via Arsenale

My Kaplan is not here but I suspect that one was for export and this might account for the difference in tax stamps.

Oh wait, yes I'm a genius

Google knows all--
Mine is halfway down, Mercury facing right, no monetary value on the stamp.  The site says it was in use around 1899 but the stamp is from 1892.  It makes sense, I have good evidence that it was in the hands of an English person for part of its life.

Whoo hoo, a discovery, maybe.

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